Star & Christine’s Laurelhurst Club Wedding | Portland Wedding Photography

I always joke that it’s really good for my business when I leave the country.
Maybe I’m just trying to justify travel, and I suppose I do typically travel during “booking season”…..but let me have this okay?
Anyways, without fail I seem to book a wedding from an inquiry that comes in while I’m out of The States. Sure enough, while I was in Cuba last year (check out that blog post here) I got an email from Star & Christine asking about wedding photography. Internet in Cuba is incredibly hard to come by, but I was able to pop on long enough to briefly connect with them.
Thankfully Star & Christine were super patient with my limited connectivity and when I arrived back home we went out for coffee and figured out we were a pretty good fit for each other.
I mean, they specifically requested that I not cull out the hilarious candid shots of their guests on the dance floor – so there’s some of those below!

These two hosted an open house at their home the night before the wedding so that they could have plenty of time with their closest friends and out of town guests. They had me come for a few hours to document those moments and memories as well. Having this relaxing pre-wedding get together was so lovely that I now highly encourage other couples to consider something similar – especially when you have family and friends traveling in from other states! Yard games, beer, good food and lots of laughter were main themes at their get-together. I also really enjoyed it because it gave me the opportunity to meet some of their favorite people and let everyone warm up to
having a camera around. Allowing, I think, for some more intimate moments in front of the camera the next day.

I may blog the open house at some other time, but for now I want to talk about the wedding!
Star & Christine chose the Laurelhust Club and used the lawn for the ceremony & the great dance floor for the reception. Their wedding coordinator, the lovely Sadie with Vareus Events,
transformed the space with her incredible floral arrangements and decorating skills!

Personalized touches were found all throughout the day – from the custom details on their outfits, to the snack bar bar featuring their favorite selections from Portlandia Popcorn, to having their
hilarious and well spoken friend Danielle perform the ceremony – their wedding truly was a
reflection of their love and their personalities.
Full of love, happy tears, laughter and dance floor shenanigans – these two and their guests know how to celebrate and I was thrilled to get to be a little part of their big day!


Coordinator/Florist: Vareus Events
Photography: Danae Jones Photography
Caterer & desserts: As Good As It Gets (Cheryl’s on 12th)
Rentals: The Party Place
DJ/MC: Riddle DJ Entertainment
Cake: Friend
Officiant: Danielle (friend)


Katelyn & Tanesha – Engaged! | Oregon Proposal Photographer

A few months ago Katelyn emailed me and told me that she and her girlfriend were going to be vacationing in Oregon in August and she wanted to propose on the Oregon Coast. Katelyn and her girlfriend Tanesha live in two different states so they were extra excited to see each other after months apart and explore Oregon together. Tanesha knew that Katelyn had arranged for them to do a photo session together while they were here, but the proposal was a surprise!
Getting to witness a proposal was actually a really incredible experience. It’s moments like this that I remember just how much I love my job and feel deep gratitude for all the experiences it allows me to have. Even though I had stepped far enough back that I couldn’t hear the words Katelyn said to Tanesha, through my lens I watched Tanesha’s reaction. I teared up a little myself as I watched her expression flash from confusion, to shock, to pure joy and then as she wiped tears away.
Forever grateful to my clients who allow me in to their important moments, their intimate
moments, their emotional moments – It really truly is an honor. Congratulations Katelyn & Tanesha!


Lee & Jorge | Love Wins – an anniversary look back

Today marks one year of marriage equality in Oregon. Not so coincidentally, it also happens to be Lee & Jorge’s 1 year anniversary. On May 19th, 2014 I was in Salem, Oregon when the ruling was announced. Wanting to share in a small part of the excitement of the day, I grabbed my camera and hoofed it a few blocks over to the Marion County Clerk’s office and was just in time to see Lee & Jorge applying for a marriage license. After being together for 8 years and finally winning the right to marry, they were the first same-sex couple to apply for a marriage license in Marion County. Lee, Jorge and the clerk’s office were all very gracious in allowing me to snap some photos. It was an honor to be able to share in that moment and also be able to share photos with the happy couple. The Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess waved the normal 3-day waiting period and was able to marry them that afternoon.

Lee & Jorge’s story was featured in several local and national newspapers. You can read more about their story here and here in the Salem Statesman Journal and also in the USA Today. Happy anniversary to Lee & Jorge and all of the same-sex couples who are celebrating a one year wedding anniversary today!! Are you planning a wedding? I’m still offering great specials for LGBT couples who are getting married in 2015. Please contact me today for a consult.