Katelyn & Tanesha – Engaged! | Oregon Proposal Photographer

A few months ago Katelyn emailed me and told me that she and her girlfriend were going to be vacationing in Oregon in August and she wanted to propose on the Oregon Coast. Katelyn and her girlfriend Tanesha live in two different states so they were extra excited to see each other after months apart and explore Oregon together. Tanesha knew that Katelyn had arranged for them to do a photo session together while they were here, but the proposal was a surprise!
Getting to witness a proposal was actually a really incredible experience. It’s moments like this that I remember just how much I love my job and feel deep gratitude for all the experiences it allows me to have. Even though I had stepped far enough back that I couldn’t hear the words Katelyn said to Tanesha, through my lens I watched Tanesha’s reaction. I teared up a little myself as I watched her expression flash from confusion, to shock, to pure joy and then as she wiped tears away.
Forever grateful to my clients who allow me in to their important moments, their intimate
moments, their emotional moments – It really truly is an honor. Congratulations Katelyn & Tanesha!