Saturday, April 8, 2017

300,000 miles or bust! | A Newport to Boston Photo Road Trip | FAQs

What are you doing?
I'm driving my 1994 Geo Prizm from Newport, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts 
and taking photographs along the way. You can read all about it HERE.

Are you going alone?
Nope! Unfortunately my husband Andrew has to work, 
so originally I was going to go alone, then I realized it would be more fun 
with someone else, so my friend Rémi is flying in to join me on the journey. 

Who is Rémi?
Rémi is a French nomad who drifted into our life one day and never left. :)
We became really good friends and he'll make the perfect road trip companion.
(And he happens to be an expert at all things website related and has promised to make
this blog mobile friendly by the end of the trip *insert much rejoicing here*)
Rémi, Andrew and I hiking Opal Creek last fall

Where are you staying?
I have a few friends along the way that I'm staying with, but for the most part we'll be camping!

Are you going to make it?
*shrug* The car has never given me a reason to think it wouldn't make it, 
but it's old, and that's a long drive. So we'll find out. I sure hope so!

What will you do if the car breaks down?
Not sure. We'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it. It kind of depends on a lot of factors.
If it's a super small / inexpensive fix I might repair it. 
If it's major I will likely sell/scrap the car in the closest town and then either:
a.) fly home from wherever the car leaves me
b.) rent a car, and finish the trip since I have some photo shoots booked and because it would be fun. 

If you make it, what happens to the car?
WHEN, not if, (thinking positive here) I make it to Boston I will either sell or scrap the car,
depending on the condition at that stage. 
Actually, if we arrive in Boston and it's still running good, we may drive down to NYC -
Rémi has some work there and I've never been so it would be fun to check it out.
At any rate, in either Boston or NYC I will sell/scrap the car and fly home.
There will be tears.

I can't wait to hear about your trip! Where can I follow along?
Please do! Instagram is probably the best place.
I'll be sharing the prettier scenery photos on my @DanaeJonesPhotography_Travels account
and the fun, goofy, weird, behind the scenes photos/videos on my personal @DanaeCBJ account. 

Are you accepting any more photo shoots?
I have room for a few more. I'd like to book a shoot in the Grand Tetons and in Boston.
And I might have time for one more in Chicago if anyone in that area is really interested.

Did I miss anything? Please ask away! I'll answer in the comments. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Welcome To The World Jules | Corvallis, Oregon Photographer

Last week I had the incredible honor of being able to photograph my nephew Jules' birth.
He came right on his due date and once he decided he was ready to be born, he didn't mess around! I arrived at The Corvallis Birth Center moments behind my sister and brother-in-law and Jules was born less than an hour later.

It was an absolutely amazing experience getting to witness and document my sister Rachel give birth completely naturally with Keith by her side.
I couldn't believe how peaceful and inviting the Corvallis Birth Center is. To be fair, I wasn't the one in labor or doing any of the hard work, but the midwives were all so calm and loving and were genuinely excited that it was Jules' birthday!
Rachel's water never broke so Jules was born en-caul and used his tiny fists to punch his way out of the sac seconds after delivery - It was incredible!

The next morning big-sister Clara showed up to meet baby Jules and of course bring celebratory cupcakes for everyone! Right before they headed home, Rachel & Keith's pastor Jen arrived to welcome Jules into the world and give him a blessing and pray over him. 

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