Ever since moving from Albany to Oregon City I’ve been doing a ton of driving back and forth.
I actually enjoy driving, so it’s not a big deal, but I am getting a little sick of seeing the same
50 miles of I-5 over and over again. So when I mapped out directions to Rob & Julie’s
engagement session location, I was thrilled to see that I could take backroads the whole way
and it would be roughly the travel time! I really do feel lucky to live in Oregon – we have some
some of the very best scenery in the USA to drive through. And I can make that bold claim since
I drove all the way across this country last year 😉

Right as I arrived the clouds broke way to golden evening sun that sparkled across the river – you
could have almost convinced me it was a summer evening! We wandered around the river bank
taking photos and chatting about their upcoming wedding. Rob pointed out swimming holes that
he grew up swimming in – which made an already perfect location that much more special.

I’m looking forward to their Yellow Gold Farm wedding later this year!


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