Welcome To The World Jules | Corvallis, Oregon Photographer

Last week I had the incredible honor of being able to photograph my nephew Jules’ birth.
He came right on his due date and once he decided he was ready to be born, he didn’t mess around! I arrived at The Corvallis Birth Center moments behind my sister and brother-in-law and Jules was born less than an hour later.

It was an absolutely amazing experience getting to witness and document my sister Rachel give birth completely naturally with Keith by her side.
I couldn’t believe how peaceful and inviting the Corvallis Birth Center is. To be fair, I wasn’t the one in labor or doing any of the hard work, but the midwives were all so calm and loving and were genuinely excited that it was Jules’ birthday!
Rachel’s water never broke so Jules was born en-caul and used his tiny fists to punch his way out of the sac seconds after delivery – It was incredible!

The next morning big-sister Clara showed up to meet baby Jules and of course bring celebratory cupcakes for everyone! Right before they headed home, Rachel & Keith’s pastor Jen arrived to welcome Jules into the world and give him a blessing and pray over him. 


Lydia’s Birth Story | Albany Oregon Birth Photographer

My niece Lydia was born 8/12/14 and I’m training her early that family members have a wait a long time for their photos! 😉 I figured since she was born LAST YEAR it was time to get a blog post up telling her birth story. I’ll let the photos do the talking because I think they tell the story beautifully:

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