About 18 months ago I switched to a new style of albums. They feature super thick pages, fantastic color and a lay flat design (which also means that the center fold is barely noticeable on the photos). Clients have their choice between eight colors of genuine leather, two colors of canvas or even their own photo on the cover. These albums give you lots of options and are all around amazing quality. I’m so happy with the new albums and my clients have been loving them! 2016 was the year of albums, almost every one of my couples received a wedding album last year – which makes me incredibly happy! I love it when my clients have a tangible product from their wedding photos. Digital files are of course great, but most of your friends aren’t going to want to sit down and look through hundreds and hundreds of your wedding photos with you. But they WILL sit down and oooh and ahhh over your amazing wedding album. The best part about this is you can order them at any time. Are you a client from a few years ago and you’re now ready to order an album? Awesome! Shoot me an email and we’ll get the process started!


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